I had first tutorial class today, i had to read 2 articles but i couldn't catch the points both of articles. I was looking for the class, there are s many buildings in my uni, so I don't know exactly still now. I asked a women who came out from toilet. "Excuse me, do you know where is ***? I went to there but i couldn't find it." She looks teacher, but I guess she is also student or staff here. She was so kind, and try to find the classroom. Suddenly, her friend who with child came us, we asked her but she doesn't know. She went away suddenly this time as well. The women said me"Come on!:) I'm gonna find it!" She is cool:) She asked one student, but he couldn't help us. Finally, we found the class which i went to just now. I went to this building but i didn't see only the classroom.

"oh, my god, I'm so sorry. Thank you." "Don't worry. I have plenty of time." And she went away. People help me when I'm troubling always, but I need do it myself more:S

Anyway, i entered the classroom, there are some students, they seems to read the articles carefully, and they had the paper which written questions and opinions. I had no idea what is going on this class.

The old lady came into the class with elegance, she has blond hair and glasses. She was talking first 20 minute or 30 minutes. We just listened to her talking. She didn't talk about 2 articles. She made 2 gropes which we are going to research about anthropology. We decided to compare agora theater and library in uni. (Agora thater which is in uni, and many students having lunch, coffee, talking. looks so peaceful place. when i was language center student, I was longing for having lunch there:))

From anthropological viewpoint, we need to pick up 5 different point about culture. We can be analysing how people behavior or uni culture. And i want to focus on people especially, like students and staff, students behavior in both of areas. Claire who is our tutor said first, we need to think about observe about our research. Second, we think about ourselves.

Library and Agora theater are social places in uni, we focus on social environment.
1, environment as a social place 2, training room, study room 3, considered responsibility(mobile phone or something) I don't understand 2nd one, so i need to ask my classmate next time. And we will presentation about our research task.

I have 3 students in my group. one guy is looks Chinese, he speaks english fluently. One girl who looks younger, and clever. One women who has blond hair, i know her cuz i saw her in anthropology and sociology lectures.
I thought that i have to say something, so i said 2 or 3 words. This was maximum effort for me. lol
I need to tell about my english to tutor and classmate sometime soon.

I went to lecture class at 2:00. It was fun, we watched 2 kinds of documentary. One is that 2 australian families tried to live together with tribe. It looks exciting, but difficult especially teenager. One of daughter in family from Sydney cried. Each tribe has rules in the village.

The lecture is interesting, and professor's english is well, i don't know but women's english is more easier to listen.

What is difference of sociology and anthropology?
anthro:quality of research
socio:quantity of research
for me sociology is much more harder.

I need to starting to write essay..:)


Nothing to do is happy? or unhappy?

I'm going to go to school from tomorrow, it's going to be busy.. busy days. I haven't gone there about 1 month, so I'm worry about that I can catch up with classmate. The class which I'm jumped in is tough class in school. But after 3 weeks, I can go to university. Why I want to go to university is simple reason. I don't need pay for university fee! That's the most big reason, but it's valuable time. I know I don't have enough English skill to study in university. But there is possibility to try it.

I have a free 1 week since i came here. But sometime it's nothing to do, but i knew it'll start busy days. Let's do it. Just do it keeping my pace.

Time is past, Life is fast. This is the impression about a 1 movie of my friend and me.



these days....

I came back here again, and it's getting very cold here! i can't believe it:( it's almost same as Japan....anyway, I have about 6 months at least. One of my friend said me like, she really enjoyed here and she made a lot of friends! And she said be careful boys!...lol I think it's really precious time for my life. I'm a 20 years old, and student, this time never came!
Today, one of my friend left here, there are many parting..I did it a few days ago, so I know the feeling which is such a sad. I couldn't show the feeling at the time. But I realized that people meet people, it's "ICHIGO ICHIE". I learned many things day by day. And I'm thinking in my future, when I come back to Japan, I'm going to start job-hunting. It's going to be busy and hard..I don't know what i want to do exactly. But recently, I'm getting realize what i want to do..I'm just try to do my best:)


I didn't do anything today

I didn't do anything when I came back home today...I ate dinner, I slept about 1 hour and I watched drama and movie. I try to persuade me "it's good relax for me, it's important for me such a day!" I haven't written my diary for a long time, but I don't give up still now. I'm writing it sometime when it happens good thing or bad thing.
I stared new class on this Monday, i heard it is most difficult class in language center, but i like my teacher. She can't see her eye, she can't hear her ear. She can use each one eye and ear. In our class policy is "just do it!" "nothing to do impossible" "relax" "laugh". It's good policy, don't you think so?

I don' wanna feel regret, just do it! I know. What I can do here, now?

Time is past soon amazingly. I can't believe it takes 3 months already. Was i grown up? was i changed? maybe i can feel when I go back.



I got many e-mails and present. I'm very glad.
I didn't understand that friends are what a important to me. But I'm happy to having many fun and kind friends.

I'm sad that I can't watching TV in Japan. I'll watch it youtube:D Today, my parents came to Kumamoto, so we went to town and went to dinner. I wanted to eat oyster very much!!! So, we went to it! It was sooooooo delicious!!!
I'm so happy. After that we went to the hotel which is my parents will stay.
We talked and eat again. Then I went to back my house by taxi. It is rain tonight, isn't it? That't why.

Now, I'm cleaning my room and packing my so heavy baggage. I can't into it to my suit case, because there are many my stuffes in it. But yesterday night, my friend came to my room, and she packed all my bagagge!! I was surprised, she can put into it. And she put it about 1 hour. I gave chocolate to her. The chocolate was got from my friend. It is also delicious♥

I heared that Melbourne is 43 degree!! It's very hot! Australia is in summer now. Melbourne is most cold area in Australia. But 43 degree..I'm OK, because I like summer better than winter. However I like winter clothes, winter clothes are more cute than summer for girls.
Now, there are held tennis cup in Melbourne. Ms. Date is playing there now. I want to see it. And I want to see F-1. It is also famous event in Melbourne.
I canceled my mobile phone today, its cost was about 10000 yen!! I will but it in Australia. It will be fun for me. I wan to use it.
I'm sleepy now. I'm going to clean up my room and then I go to bed soon. I will leave at 9:00 tomorrow to Fukuoka air port. I heared my friends who went to New Zealand were crying there. I'm not sure, I'll be crying? I wish I don't cry. We leave at 2:45 to Narita air port. It is also fun for me, I've never been there. We have to waiting there about 3 hours? And we arrive at Sydney in the morning. It is long distance and time. I want to expected to watch good movie in airplane. I want to "MANMAMIA" today. But I can't. I want to rent DVD in Australia. Then, I wish I can listening in English.
Recently I really want to go to Europe. One girl living in France now, I affected by her. I want to go to Europe. I reading her blog almost every day. She is very fashionable and cute person. Her clothes are cute! I commentated on her blog sometime. I'm happy that she responded to me. I want to watch her blog for now.


Exam Weeeek!!

We are exam time now. I have 5 exams at last in this week. Then, I have to clean up my room. Because I have to bring back to my all baggage to my house where living my parents. And I packing to my suitcase. But I should decrease my baggage more, because I can't bring till 20 kg to airport. I can't do that!! It's impossible, so I asked to my mother to send me winter clothes.

Yesterday, I went to town. I went to alone. I entered the coffee, then my friend was also came there. We were surprised. We went to shopping together. Almost shops did SALE. We were able to found good clothes there. Of course we bought it:D I'm happy to got some clothes and pump.
Today, I went to the library. There were many students. Everyone seems to study for exam. Me too. I studied English introduction. It is difficult, but I studied with concentrate.
Now, I'm going to study again!
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Movie Review 2-6 "Mission:Impossible"

I introduce about characters first. Ethan Hunt is a spy who is good at disguise. He is a leader of his group. Jim Phelps is dividing Ethan's spy group. He isn't young, so he can't action, but they trust him. He has decision. He received the command first. He has a wife, Claire. Claire Phelps is also spy. And she is wife of Jim. Franz Krieger is Ethan's later team member. He helps him. Eugene Kittridge is a boss who is controls soy group. And he doubts Ethan.

The story begins at the party. Etan and other spy members did their secret investigation to catch the culprit who stealed the disc. There are names that CIA in it. So, their aim is to catch the criminal and get the disc. They were great spy team, so they thought the investigation is also success this time too. But Ethan's friends were killed by someone except Ethan. He was so shocked. He contacted Kittridge who is a boss of their team. But he listened the investigation is to find traitor. He escaped barely from restaurant. Because, Kittridge tried to catch Ethan. When he goes back to fastness, Claire was also come back. Ethan was doubts her first. He thought she was died. But she offered that she wants to help him. "My husband was also killed."

They contacted to Max who is a dealer. They tried to sell the disc; Ethan thought if it will succeed, a real traitor is appearing. They welcomed the new members to get the disc. It is very difficult mission, because the room of disc is sharp to enter. They did each role to achievement the mission. And they got the disk finally. But Ethan knew his mother and uncle were caught by police. It is a Kittirdge’s trap to decoy Ethan. He called Kittridge in London, and then he met Jim. Ethan thought Jim was killed, so he couldn’t believe it. He understand whole of the affair.
They decide to meet Max in train. Kittridge is also there. Ethan waited the room. Clair entered the room. She found Jim who is a husband of Clair. She said him, you should not kill Ethan. But Jim is put off his face cover. It is Ethan! The real traitor is Jim and Clair. And his new member, Franz is also Jim’s friend. Clair was died. Ethan and Jim were struggled. He proofed his innocent. He don’t want to back spy. But when he ride in the plan, he received the video…..it maybe a command.

I watched this movie before, but I didn’t watch all. This is spy movie in U.S.A. I like 007 which made in UK. So I enjoyed compare two movies. “Mission:Impossible “ is made not only 1. This is continuing 2 and 3. I want to try to watch 2 and 3 someday.
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